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Generic Viagra

Cenforce 50 – a means to increase potency in men with mild to moderate symptoms. Reduced content of active substances in one pill will help restore potency and is ideal for those who do not suffer a pronounced appearance of erectile function, but needs some help to achieve a full erection.

Many customers, realizing that other tablets are more than they need, try to cut or break tablets Cenforce, which, of course, rarely happens when done well – tablets crumble, break into many pieces, or break apart into equal parts. Of course, this is the most inconvenient or even impossible to do if in some situation you want to take a pill quickly and not noticeably for your couple.

In order to save you from having to do all this, tablets with a reduced content of active ingredients are intended. Reducing the dosage most often does not lead to a deterioration of the effect, but practically completely eliminates the side effects even those rare men who regularly experience discomfort when taking means to enhance potency.

Get ready for a love adventure without side effects anytime, anywhere, carrying these treasured pills with you!

Cenforce 120 is a means to increase potency with an increased content of the active substance per tablet.

This drug Cenforce is intended for those for whom the usual dosage may not be enough, for example for large men weighing over 100 kg.

In addition, these pills are a good way to save! Each tablet can be divided into two parts, the effect you will definitely experience on yourself! For those who first take the means to help strengthen the potency, you can even start with 1/4 of the pill!

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