Impotence Pill Today To Stop ED

Generic Viagra

Fildena extra power contains the maximum number of active ingredients in one tablet — one and a half times more than other similar means.

Fildena extra power is designed for those men who need a higher dose or for those who want to save – it is possible to break the tablet into 2 parts. Thus, the cost of one dose is significantly lower compared with the purchase of other tablets.

In terms of effectiveness and safety, this means for potency is at the level of the best analogues – side effects are very rare and mild, and the effectiveness of improving potency is very high.

  • the drug should be taken for 45-60 minutes before sexual intercourse;
  • time of action – about 5 hours;
  • recommended dose – 1/2 tablet;
  • maximum daily dose – 1 tablet;
  • It is not recommended to combine with alcohol and fatty foods (this reduces the effectiveness of the drug).

Fildena extra power will give you confidence in your sexual power in any situation. Buy this drug from 10 tablets and verify its effectiveness can be on the links below.

Details of Vectra Soft Bean

Vectra Soft – one of the most popular means for potency, produced in the form of dragees for sucking.

The form of release in the form of dragees has several advantages compared with the traditional form of release in the form of tablets:

  • the effect comes much faster – already in 20-25 minutes;
  • convenient for reception, does not require water;
  • pleasant mint flavor;
  • combined with fatty foods and alcohol – great for taking after meals and parties;
  • very effective in single use as well as in regular use.

Details of Fildena in capsules

Fildena softgel capsule – a new form of release of the Tadalista well-known and excellent means for resistant erection in the form of capsules .

Due to the fact that the capsule contains a concentrated gel, which is quickly absorbed by the body after dissolving the gelatinous capsule shell in the stomach, it acts 10-15 minutes faster than traditional tablets.

Want a quick effect? Try instead of pills a similar tool in capsules or in the form of dragees!

Warning! Capsules must be stored in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding + 15 ° C.